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Welcome to Sadhana Institute!

Sadhana, a Sanskrit word rich in meaning and challenging in its implications, is vital to Indian spirituality. It means an instrument, a way to attain our goal, the spiritual means we adopt, the sacred path we walk. Over the years this word has also meant for us our inner quest, our being on the way, our willingness to be led. That is why we understand that Sadhana is every means we employ for finding inner freedom, for attaining wholeness and integration and for discovering the divine in all things and all things in the divine.

Our Programs

Tanmaya Sadhana

(Sept 2 – Oct 27)
(Age Group 35 – 55)

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The aim of the course is to assist participants in their spontaneous, natural movement towards the realization of the inherent potential we all have for wholeness, towards becoming one’s own unique person (Tanmaya).

Beginning with basic orientation and community building sessions, the course is followed by a Journal retreat that sets a tone of silence and awareness for the participants. The intensive inner process work that follows immediately after the journal retreat invites participants to be honest, insightful and compassionate towards themselves and others as they look at the factors that hinder the call and task to become more and more one’s own true self. An additional component of this course is Human Sexuality and Affectivity which provides the participants opportunities for personal exploration as to how one’s affective energies can be channeled for mature and fulfilling relationships and be at the service of a deeper spiritual life. A last component of the course could be “Sadhana of Jesus,” “Christian Maturity,” or “Servant Leadership.”

(This course is meant primarily for those in leadership positions and whose work involves caring for others – superiors, formation personnel, spiritual guides and counsellors.)

Drawing from the Depths

(Sept 6 – 13)

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This retreat seeks to help participants learn to work with all of their life experiences, both positive and negative, to develop a basis for important life decisions. The interplay of journal exercises and techniques creates a dynamic process that helps participants build an energy and momentum within themselves to take the next steps in life.

Integral Formative Guidance

(Sept 2, 2015 – Apr 22, 2016)
(Age Group 35 – 55)

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The Integral Formative Guidance course isexplicitly meant for the early stage (candidacy, pre-novitiate, etc.) formators. The aim of the course is to train formators who are sufficiently self-aware and competent given the challenges they are likely to face in early-stage-formation work. The course is designed keeping in mind that the formators will need to be familiar with and equipped to address the spiritual, emotional, psychological and developmental needs of those in their care.

(Priests who have at least one year of pastoral experience and religious men and women who are finally professed may apply. A Bachelor’s level college degree will be essential for admission. Those who have already attended our typical Sadhana courses or Personal growth programs would be given preference for admission.)

Personal growth Group

(Nov 30 – Dec 19)

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This relatively short course offers an opportunity for personal growth and inner healing through intensive inner process work in a group setting. Participants will have opportunities to examine their dysfunctional attitudes and behaviour patterns and the emotional reactions that prevent them from moving forward in life and to tap their healing potential. The goal is to learn new ways of relating to experience with insight and understanding that create possibilities of transformation. A readiness for self-disclosure, desire for inner healing and compassionate self-regard enable participants to derive maximum benefit from the course.