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Mind and Heart of Sadhana

Sadhana Institute, true to its name, ‘The Way’, has been serving humankind for more than four decades. People from all and any strata of life have either found or confirmed their inner journey at the institute through a blended integration of psychology and spirituality – the dreamer Tony de Mello’s dream coming true. Tony, after founding the Institute, faithfully continued to make use of the conducive environment, first at De Nobili College, Pune from 1973, then at St. Stanislaus Villa, Lonavla in 1978 and then at the present location, to provide psycho-spiritual insight and therapy to formators and other eager seekers to bring depth and meaning to their lives and ministry. After Tony (1931-1987), the Institute with its various programmes continued to train formators and also to provide psychological healing, and spiritual enrichment or renewed meaning for those who sought them. Over the years until today, Jesuits, other religious personnel and lay persons have contributed to the wealth of spiritual and psychological input inclusive of therapeutic accompaniment to people in our country as well as people from other countries and belief systems.

While maintaining a psychospiritual thrust in all of the programmes – whether short or long, there has been a spirit of receptivity and flexibility about what others bring and receive instead of enforcing a rigid structure. The Institute’s strongest contribution to anyone who dares to face change in their life is the three or four weeks of intense individual therapy in group which has become an essential part of almost all the programmes. Importantly, many of those who completed the two year Master’s level ‘Integral Counselling Psychology’, later named as ‘Formative Psychology’, are now serving as Spiritual Directors and quality counsellors in formation houses, religious communities and other places. Guided by the vision of the pioneering guide and teacher, Tony de Mello, and remaining ever flexible and open to growth, Sadhana Institute marches on, continuing to offer the psychospiritual care needed for personal growth and transformation.

“Let the Spirited Bird Sing”