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The Vision of Sadhana

Sadhana Institute is a centre that aims at the experiential and conceptual integration of psychology and spirituality. Deeply rooted in the Indian spiritual heritage and grounded in the Christian faith tradition, the Institute adopts an interdisciplinary process in order to evolve an integrated approach to the understanding and promotion of health and wholeness. It acknowledges the vital contribution of social sciences in the understanding of the human condition and in particular the skills of counselling and psychotherapy that help in personal healing. At the same time it appropriates the spiritual perspectives and practices that are conducive to wholeness and integration and consonant with Christian faith.


The psycho-spiritual education imparted by Sadhana aims at the integral formation of persons inviting them to transcend the boundaries of normality and social adjustment towards a search for wholeness, truth and freedom as well as to evolve a paradigm of helping and healing that is catholic in its deepest understanding.