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Who Attends

Sadhana courses are open to anyone who meets our admission criteria. However, given the limited seats that are available, preference is given to those in leadership positions, who make a difference in the lives of people.

They may be formation personnel and superiors and those being prepared for such positions. They may be spiritual guides and retreat directors, counsellors and therapists, social workers and those in caring ministries. Some courses are offered only for helping professionals to acquaint them with recent developments in the field.

Sadhana Staff

Joseph Parakad SJ. (Director)
Hermon Anthony SJ. (Administrator)
Pravin Severekar SJ
Joy Pulikunnel SJ
Konrad Noronha SJ.
Richard McHugh SJ
Mercy Thennattil HC.
Philo John DPM
George Pattery SJ
Ajoy Fernandes SDB
Abhay Shirekar SJ
Mr. Mario Mascarenhas
Dudley Mendonca SJ
M.C. Abraham CSC